Notes from the March 2016 oPASS Meeting

Quick notes:

  • Chinese food instead of pizza (thanks Shawn!)
  • The wine bar is doing some remodeling to make better use of the space we (and presumably others) use by adding a pass through window to the bar area. That’s good, but the downside is the route to the restrooms appears to now require people to go through the meeting area. We’ll see.
  • Gareth Swanepoel did a quick but interesting run through of new features in SQL 2016. Clearly he had some favorites (good) and a couple that were tough(er) to sell. Fun and practical, good presentation.
  • I had a talk afterward with someone that actually uses (or wants to use) Service Broker. Now there are three! What he was doing went beyond my long past exploration of the topic so I suggested some bloggers that I thought would have better knowledge. Hoping to get a follow up next month on the solution.