Did PASS Forget the DBA?

Today I had on my list to finish watching the presentation Gail Shaw did at Summit 2014, one of the free recordings on PASS TV. I don’t remember it from before, but I was prompted to fill out a short demographic form. Ok, I get it. Then I get to the job function drop down and see that some how, stunningly, DBA isn’t a choice. I guess we’re “IT Professionals”. Does that mean the rest of the list isn’t?


3 thoughts on “Did PASS Forget the DBA?

  1. “Database Developer” isn’t on there either. 🙂

    I get what you’re saying, though I suspect there was a specific demographic they were trying to determine the reach for, and left it at that. I’m pretty sure PASS is aware of the number of DBAs / DB Devs in their reach.


    1. David, thats interesting. Agree on developer missing as a big gap. Agree they have a good idea of DBA/Dev reach. Have to wonder if this was marketing being marketing or just an oversight.


  2. Forcing us to choose a selection that includes the word “Professional” is assuming too much of us. I agree that with the target audience of PASS there’s no reason not to break it out more if they want to have any kind of useful demographics. Developer, DBA, Architect, and possibly more should have made the list.


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