Publicizing Mistakes

I was reading Our Journey to Cloud Cadence, Lessons Learned at Microsoft Developer Division  and saw this bit on transparency: “No incident is done until we have captured and communicated the learning from it. We use the “5 Whys” to capture the multiple perspectives on what can be done better next time. If we have an outage […]

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Working With Sponsors

Apologies for the poor photo, the example was trampled a bit on the journey home! This past weekend at SQLSaturday South Florida they put these out on the table prior to the end of the day raffle and wrap up. It’s a half sheet of yellow 8.5×11 paper, directions on one side (shown below) and […]

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Notes From SQLSaturday #379

Notes from the trip: Made the trip down without stopping and without getting stuck in traffic – a first! Attended speaker dinner on Fri night. Nice location, service was slow. I don’t understand how they reserve space for large parties and then fail to staff for it Good signs to event on Sat morning Speaker […]

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