Working With Sponsors

Apologies for the poor photo, the example was trampled a bit on the journey home! This past weekend at SQLSaturday South Florida they put these out on the table prior to the end of the day raffle and wrap up. It’s a half sheet of yellow 8.5×11 paper, directions on one side (shown below) and the other side is an ad for the sponsor with a short list of current openings and contact information. I think this is low cost and effective, the only downside being the need to clean up any left on the tables. I think handing them out at the exits might work well.

I didn’t look at the sponsorship plan to see if this was included or was an add-in, but it’s a great example of a way to align with a sponsor. All sponsors are trying to stand out in some way. Certainly sponsoring the after party is a good way, but if we’re going to sell that sponsorship we (us and the sponsor) have to work at it. I thought this piece was a good attempt at that, though I’d like to have seen notes on their about the food and who was paying for what too.