Notes From The May 2015 oPASS Meeting

Really late posting these, forgot to put on my task list!

  • About 20 attendees
  • Lots of good questions, and I saw quite a new faces (or not recent ones) attending. That’s good and bad I guess. I worry that we’re drawing people solely based on the topic/speaker and not because the meeting is the place to be.
  • Dinner was bbq and ChickFila, both pretty good
  • Shawn’s new projector will work via USB, but it installs a driver – it worked, but I really, really hate anything installing anything  on my machine. I think it did do VGA as well, but I get that USB is handy. With my MacAir it means I don’t need the DisplayPort adapter.
  • Rodney Landrum says he will get a haircut like mine
  • I did my usual thing with asking attendees to introduce themselves to someone else and talk for a minute – always works!