Notes From SQLSaturday #379

Notes from the trip:

  • Made the trip down without stopping and without getting stuck in traffic – a first!
  • Attended speaker dinner on Fri night. Nice location, service was slow. I don’t understand how they reserve space for large parties and then fail to staff for it
  • Good signs to event on Sat morning
  • Speaker gifts were a nice white guyabera shirt and a white fedora with the SQLSaturday patch sewn on. Nice!
  • I had about 20 in my session. An old friend attended and said afterward that he could tell the attendees were totally captured by the presentation – that was great to hear, I’m usually so deep in presenting the material it’s hard to tell if I’m bringing everyone along
  • I stopped by the after party for about half an hour, had 25-30 people present, not bad at all, and very good food