SSC Editorial: Exit Lines & Writing Editorials

I’m trying to evolve a little in the topics I pick and how I write them to push the boundaries a little more than normal. Editorials should trigger thinking and debates, evoke more than provoke, but not be polarizing. I resist the impulse to measure success by the number of comments because that leads to writing to provoke and that’s not what I want to do. I know I have to work harder on titles. This one, Exit Lines, is way too vague and doesn’t do enough to frame the editorial as they read it. Something I’m still trying to figure out is if the comments/conversation don’t align with the writing, is it bad writing, or did it just get them thinking on a part of it? By comparison the feedback on a question of the day is much easier to parse, a lot of “good question” comments if you do well, or a lot of splatter if you don’t!