Seeking Full Day Seminars For The Friday Before SQLSaturday Orlando 2015

We’re planning to run one or two (or maybe even three) seminars (aka pre-cons) in conjunction with SQLSaturday Orlando 2015. What are we looking for?

  • An interesting topic. I know that’s vague, so let’s say we want a topic that will be of interest to 15+ people willing to pay to attend.
  • A good abstract. We may ask for tweaks, but it still starts with something we can look at and think, yes, we can sell this

Use this link to submit your abstract.

Our usual arrangement is to guarantee travel expenses (not first class!) and then split the proceeds 50/50 after taking all expenses. Worst case is that you get a paid trip to Orlando. So far we’ve never had a speaker not also make some cash for the effort, but it could happen. We’ll co-market the seminars right along with the main event so it will get plenty of exposure.

We’re open to speakers trying to break into the ranks of paid seminar speakers. Send a good abstract and show us you have some game!

We’ll pick from the ones that are submitted using an entirely arbitrary and subjective process based on our previous experience and what we can gather in feedback from oPASS/MagicPASS attendees.

Adding to that, our philosophy is that we would like to make money on these, but our goal is to bring interesting content/speakers to town.  As long as we think we can break even or better, after that it’s all about serving the local community. Some years it’s a mega topic, some years not. We try to vary it.