Thinking Ahead to SQLSaturday Orlando 2016-Tenth Anniversary

I’ve been talking to Team Orlando recently about following the great example set by Code Camp Orlando for celebrating 10 annual events. Our first was in 2007. That is an impressive run. We’ve been lucky to be able to transition leadership of the event many times, from me to Jack Corbett to Karla Landrum to Shawn McGehee to Kendal Van Dyke, and back to Shawn this year.  We’ve had the same venue for the entire time and it’s hard to quantify just how big a deal that has been for us. So what could we do different/better to celebrate the 10th anniversary? What is worth doing? We don’t need to bake the entire plan now (we’re working on the 2015 event right now), but we need to forecast anything special that needs lead time.  My focus isn’t just the what, it’s the why. What things can we do that not only celebrate our accomplishments but set the stage for the next ten years?

To figure that out, I’m going to start by doing what I always do for events, put on a different “hat” and try to think about how that category of person sees the event, and what I can do to improve their experience. For each row (and I may add/remove some as I go) I hope to fill in one or more things we can do to celebrate accomplishments and one or more things we can do to make things better (and perhaps different) in the future. Some may take money over and above what we normally do, some will just take the effort to envision and execute. I won’t do this in a vacuum, the team here will ultimately decide what to do and what it can support. I’m also mindful that there are other events that will soon hit their 10th anniversary, and that PASS could/should also be thinking about how/when it wants to jump in and add to this. More in the next week or so.


Volunteers Celebrate Accomplishments Plan for Future