Notes From Orlando Code Camp 2015

Last weekend I attended the 10th annual Orlando Code Camp. I think I’ve missed two of those due to scheduling conflict. Ten years, and ten consecutive years, that’s a really good run! Former ONETUG President’s Joel Martinez and Shawn Weisfeld were present along with current President Esteban Garcia. I like that continuity and hope it’s something we can do when we celebrate our 10th SQLSaturday in Orlando next year. Now, on to the notes:

  • Speaker party was good, at Liams, a good location, but parking was really hard to find. Very busy area.
  • Very nice speaker t-shirts this year with the 10th logo on the front
  • ONETUG provided a table for PASS at no charge and gave us prime location too, first table in the door!
  • Attendees received a bingo card, but some confusion about where to turn it it
  • I had 40+ at my presentation on SQL Security for Developers. Didn’t get to the last couple slides, still some fine tuning to do.
  • I attended the presentation on Calculated Columns, Measures, and KPIs, Oh My! by Mike Antonovich and learned some good stuff!
  • Lunch was sandwiches (boxes) from Subway, plus a cupcake truck
  • We had a SQL track, but we should have done more with it – signs and brochures and etc in the room too
  • Talked to a LOT of people. Most had heard of oPASS or MagicPASS or SQLSaturday, but quite a few had not. 40+ sign ups, well worth the effort
  • They do a keynote, and so post-keynote there is a ton of traffic coming through the sponsor area, might have been a good time to just hand out brochures

The event went well, no problems at all. Thanks to ONETUG for a great event and for inviting oPASS/MagicPASS to participate! We’ll be reciprocating soon as we begin preparations for SQLSaturday Orlando later this month.

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