Changes to the SQLSaturday Numbering System

Tim Ford has a post on the PASS blog today about Feedback Requested on SQLSaturday Numbering System that is worth a quick read and comment. Basically the idea is to remove the numbers from the event title to make it easier to reuse marketing materials. My feedback on the change:

  • Joe Healy suggested the numbering back in the beginning (#2 was the first numbered event) and I think it’s been a powerful way to explain velocity and perhaps increase velocity at the same time. (Anyone know how many Code Camps have been held?).
  • I’d like to see the number maintained in the directory of events/past events and in the event logo. From the post I’m unclear if the directory listings will change or not.
  • I’d like to see event leaders have the option to use the number or not, as they prefer, in text and or logos. Whoever lands SQLSat#1000 will probably want to use it in the name. Or mix and match. I like pulling shirts out of the closet with a “low number”, I also like the shirts that have the city/year on them
  • This change mirrors the real world, at least here in Orlando.  We do “SQLSaturday Orlando” and we use the issued tag plus “#sqlsatorlando”. I can see going to a single recurring twitter tag per event as being the smarter marketing move.
  • I question if any change to the website is needed, or if this is just a matter of setting/modifying the rule about logos. I’m not fond of too many rules when it comes to SQLSaturday, and as long as the public facing web site looks good, I’ve never worried about organizers did on shirts and the rest – it’s their event.

I like that the change is being circulated for discussion. I’d like to see a public discussion rather than in emails sent in – someone might well write something that enables me to see a point I had not seen before and like, or that I disagree with. The discussion could prove useful.