Thanks To Sri Sridharan For Serving on the PASS Board

I was thinking about Sri today as I volunteered for a task at SQLSaturday Tampa on the new PASS volunteer sign up page. That was part of what he worked on during his two year term and while it may seem like an obvious feature and function, it was only this last year that it was finally built and deployed. I know it was important to him. He took it to heart when members complained about wanting to volunteer, offering to volunteer, and not getting a response, and he decided that was a problem worth fixing. I think it’s another block in the foundation of PASS, and that is not a bad legacy at all.

Serving on the Board is hard work (and unpaid work), it takes a lot of time, and I appreciate anyone who will make the commitment for two years to maintain and grow PASS and the SQL community. Thanks Sri for volunteering and serving a two year term on the Board.