I Won’t Be At the PASS Summit This Year

Due to a minor health issue I’ve decided to – for once – be conservative and cancel the trip this year. I’ve attended every year since 2002 and it feels strange to not go. I’m sure you’ll understand it’s the people I’ll miss far more than the presentations. My friend Kevin Kline will be filling the spot on the presentation schedule that I’m vacating and I hope you’ll go see him, always worth the time. The Monday Night Networking Dinner will go forward as planned, look for Steve Jones at the door. Wishing you all safe travels and see you next year.

15 thoughts on “I Won’t Be At the PASS Summit This Year

  1. Much as I was looking forward to seeing you, your choice always has to focus on what’s best for you. Hard to do, but I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.



    1. Thanks Tom. I’ve enjoyed your writing this past year and had looked forward to hearing about the writing process. Next year!


  2. Really sorry to hear this. Something similar happened to me last year and I had to drop out. Make sure you drop by PASSTV to at least feel part of it all. Hope you get better soon.


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