Notes From the October 9, 2014 Space Coast SQL Meeting

  • Not a bad drive over from Orlando. Only a little traffic, about 80 minutes.
  • I was early enough to have time to review my presentation and then work on the final marketing notes for SQLSaturday Orlando (good to have a few tasks queued when time appears)
  • I stopped at Starbucks (a nice one that felt like a coffee house) and only when I was leaving did I put the pieces together and realize the woman that had been sitting near me reading and making notes was homeless – the last piece being the shopping cart in a parking space. I didn’t go back in, I should have.
  • The group meets at Sonny’s BBQ. What used to be the patio has been enclosed, one row of tables in a long narrow room, but perfectly workable. Sonny’s even draped one window that tends to get afternoon glare.
  • I ran the chapter deck slides while Kathleen did the intro (and a note here – the slides about volunteers needed more…something, luckily I know Sri and the back story so I could add to it some)
  • I did my presentation on learning plans for the ten attendees and it seemed to be well received. It was interesting to see the college student and the recent grad there, listening and nodding.
  • We also talked a little about SQLSaturday in Florida and some questions on replication (I use it as a passing example in the presentation)
  • Afterward we talked about attendance and membership drives, I’ll have a follow up post with some notes from that.