Monday Night Networking Dinner at PASS Summit 2014

For the fifth year Steve Jones and I are organizing the Monday Night Networking Dinner at the PASS Summit. It will be from 6-9 pm on Monday evening. I’m waiting on the “final” confirmation of the location but expect it be within walking distance of the Convention Center. It’s a free event, you pay for your own food and beverage, and it’s not complicated – register, show up, we’ll greet you and help you find a seat. No speeches, no sponsors, just hang out and talk, whatever is in your comfort zone. Bring a friend or a spouse too! It’s designed to be a low pressure and fun event. Attendance is usually in the 200-250 range, plenty of people to talk to! Hope to see you there.

Also check out the other After Hours events, lots of fun ways to interact with other attendees before and after a day of learning.

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