Four Big Things PASS Could Do Next Year

Here’s my wish list:

  • Fix the membership problem. One voter, one vote. That’s what we want. The current hack of requiring an updated profile is just that, a hack. Fixing this, making sure that elections are solid and that members have one permanent PASS identity leads to all kinds of good things.
  • Skip the speaker bureau and go big, build a not for profit technical speakers and writers association, one that at least serves the Microsoft space and ideally the entire technical space. And yes, build a conference to go with it. Spin it off with its own Board once built.
  • Create a PASS University to train and continuously educate volunteers and leaders. Online classes plus in person seminars, and no, it won’t be be cheap – why would we want it to be?
  • Build a BI Conference. Does it replace BAC? I don’t think so, but I’m sure there is a market for it

Big dreams, or not big enough? Got better ones?

One thought on “Four Big Things PASS Could Do Next Year

  1. Andy,
    Great suggestions.

    I would add/expand on the Speaker Bureau and say that we can tap into/start on that right away by using SQL Saturday speakers. I inquired last year about getting an API to SQL Saturday so we could contact speakers. This would greatly help for those of us who run events outside of PASS events like code camps and tech fests.

    Thanks for writing up the list!


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