The End of The Professional Association Of SQL Server? It Should Be More Than Just An Acronym

I read with a bit of despair this post by Denise McInerney this morning. Going forward, it’s just “PASS”. Somehow we’ve transitioned to being a data organization, which I think means big data, Power Query, Sharepoint, Excel, and everything else.  I always thought the SQL Server community was plenty big enough without needing to expand into other areas, and we’ve always been great about including cross over topics at our events – it’s never been only SQL Server, just primarily SQL Server.

Maybe it’s the smart move and I’m the guy who doesn’t like change (that doesn’t seem like me, but maybe)? Maybe it’s just a name change and nothing more? Or maybe it’s that point that many companies hit where they think they have to change or die (or grow or die).  To me, the BA conference was the start down this slope. It should have been the BI Conference and it should be focused on MS BI, still with allowing some cross over topics. Maybe there is a place in the world for a data organization and I might want to participate in it too, but I go to the Summit and I’m a member of PASS because of the focus.

Maybe it’s just a name change. It will be interesting to look back in two years and see.

6 thoughts on “The End of The Professional Association Of SQL Server? It Should Be More Than Just An Acronym

  1. I feel your concern.

    My job has shifted from DBA to BA in scope. I still rely on DBA contacts from PASS to help with SQL Server questions and my current BA work is with the MSBI stack. Mainly, I use SSIS and SSAS daily. But our databases are still in SQL Server, so I still have to keep up with new versions and features.

    Next year, I am probably going to attend the BA conference and skip the Summit in order to focus my training on my current job path.

    Maybe BA related topics should be removed from the Summit and only exist in the BA conference. This will give those newer speakers ample opportunities with speaking at the Summit.

    Andy, thanks for your work in the SQL community and your voice for others.



    1. Hey Thomas!

      Totally makes sense that you want more BI given your focus. I think if I was driving I’d have Summit be 80% DBA’ish topics and 20% BI, and BI would be 80% BI and 20% DBA. That would preserve/honor focus at each, but still be a good “fallback” plan if someone couldn’t attend the preferred one due to work/life constraints. We’ll miss you at the Summit for sure!



  2. I’m not sure why members of the Professional Association for SQL Server weren’t given a chance to vote on something like this.

    This name change idea sucks. Sorry I can’t be more articulate.


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