Prepping For The NomCom

Sunday I spent an hour going over various notes and thinking about what I’ve seen in the past couple PASS elections and sent NomCom Chair Bill Graziano a list of 30 items of interest to me as far as the election cycle for the NomCom and the Board of Directors. I may publish that list at some later date, for now I think it’s fair to send Bill ideas/questions ahead of our first call and then we’ll find out the scope of what’re going to do beyond the ‘pure’ role of the NomCom in vetting candidates. To be clear, those 30 points aren’t all things I think should be done or changed, many are items that I’d like to hear discussion on to see how something worked or didn’t, and all of those written before hearing what the other committee members are interested in as well as other points of view from previous NomCom candidates/members and election applicants/candidates. I think that’s all the prep I can do, but I feel better for having done it – Meeting 101.