5300 PASS Voters for 2014 Election

I was catching up on reading the minutes of PASS Board meetings and found the following except in paragraph 2 of the April 2014 minutes, highlighting is mine – use this link to read the entirety:

Tim Ford questioned if the schedule is thought to be reasonable considering the amount of information that
has to be shared. Vicki Van Damme replied that the schedule is on track to pull the first round of eligible
voters and de-dupe it once BAC is over. The plan will include identifying and resolving any duplicates that
may exist from the current list of approximately 5300 eligible voters. The final list will be pulled on June 1st

Last year we had 1, 514 voters participate (see my earlier post), so that would be about a 28% turnout if we repeated this year, quite a ways from the scary low number of 1.5% if we used the the 100k member number that was being discussed.

5300 members cared enough to update their profile so they could vote, or did so incidentally (perhaps first time member?). I’d be interested to see the breakdown on that.

Either way, we’re back to two goals:

  • Work on getting the highest turnout we can, out of the 5300 possible voters
  • Work on getting more voting members and a better definition of a voting member (an email address and an annual profile update is the current defacto definition)

Now what can we do about those goals?