Webinar Today at 3pm

I’m taking on a new topic today. Titled “ How to capture who did what in your SQL Server databases”, it’s a good overview of some of the techniques that can be used for auditing. Much like disaster recovery options, there is quite an assortment of auditing/logging options in SQL and just picking one (or […]

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Schema & Renaming Fun

I wrote the SQLServerCentral question of the day that is live today called Schema & Renaming Fun. Mildly interesting, but looking back at it a couple weeks after writing it not my favorite – feels a bit convoluted. If you read the comments (after trying to answer the question!), you’ll see two places where I […]

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Don’t Park Your Vessel Here

I saw this sign recently, which at first glance is unremarkable, but I couldn’t help be amused at the inclusion of “vessels”. I’m in Florida so I suppose someone parking their boat on a trailer in the parking lot isn’t impossible, but somehow that doesn’t seem big enough to really merit being called a vessel […]

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Pocket's Most Popular

I use Pocket for saving some stuff. It works well from Feedly when I see something I know I’ll want to look at again (or just later). I’m sure I don’t use it as much as I should or could, but I’m strangely slow to adopt tools sometimes – it will become natural and work […]

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