Meetings In Glass Houses

If you’ve followed my writing for a while you’ll know I’m a fan of translucency (transparency) in most things business. Right now I’m working next to a meeting room that has glass walls – talk about transparency! It seems like a good idea, it lets in a lot of light and makes it feel more […]

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Submitting PASS Summit Sessions

I’ve been thinking for a while about what to submit for this year. I knew I wanted to have one be about PCI and security because I enjoy the topic and have some experience I’d like to share. Career planning is always interesting to me. As is mentoring, networking, SQLSaturday, writing, and a few more […]

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A Nicely Made Smoke Detector

This may not be the exact model, but I bought 2 First Alert detectors at Costco for $23. Not a lot to installing any smoke detector, most have two screws that go into the ceiling and a cover that pops off so you can replace the 9v battery. Sounds easy enough, but getting the screws […]

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Reminder: Orlando Code Camp Is This Weekend (March 22, 2014) and It’s Not Just For Developers!

I’ll be attending the Orlando Code Camp this weekend. I know it says “code”, but there is a SQL Server track. Jason Carter will be speaking, as will Kendal Van Dyke, Max Trinidad, Richie Rump, Robert Biddle, and myself. Thirteen tracks of learning! Even if you can’t stay all day I hope you’ll come over […]

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A Minute About Minute Key

You may have seen these minuteKey boxes at your local home supply store (Lowes has it near me) that let you make your own copies of common key types:     I tried it out over the weekend. Quick, painless, and if anything not very exciting to watch. I didn’t time it, but maybe 4 […]

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You Broke My Tail Light

That’s the first thing I heard when I answered the phone recently. I was working on an change I needed to make, missed a call, called back (thinking it might be related to the change) and no one answered, then they called back again. It went something like this: Me: Hello. Caller:  You broke my […]

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