SQLSaturday #318 in Orlando on September 27, 2014

Number 8! Our eight annual SQLSaturday in Orlando is coming up on September 27th (note, it’s technically our tenth, but my friend Kendal Van Dyke says that #3 & #4 – the ‘tweener’ weekend – shouldn’t count!). Either way, I’m excited that it’s time to start the planning and the work for the event later this year. I have one big item on my list; build a launcher (or two) for the swag that we traditionally launch from the second floor to the swag thirsty (well, generally thirsty) attendees at the end of the day. The problem with our current method is the people at the back are a lot less likely to get airborne swag than people standing right below the drop point. I’m thinking an Angry Birds type launcher, though maybe a potato gun would be good for shirts. I like the slingshot idea though, more versatile, will let me launch an Xbox One box (empty, but they won’t know that!).

Fun aside, we’ll be concentrating on the basics – building a great schedule, being good partners with our sponsors, and trying to reach as many people as we can.  We do need to think about what we’ll try this year that will be new or different – always good to try something and not get too comfortable in the formula.

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