How To Campaign For the PASS Board

Let’s say you’ve decided to run, good! What do you do next? I’m not going to give you a blueprint (I need to see if you have some game after all), but I have some suggestions that I think will help you run a better campaign and make it a better election too:

  • Build a campaign committee and pick a campaign manager – you need a group to bounce ideas off of, spell check your posts, and all the rest
  • Put a lot of effort into your application. Fill it out, review it, get other people to review it. It is, in effect, your resume.
  • Campaign on what you want to do and why. Figure out how to transmit that message effectively.
  • Build your network now. Revisit LinkedIn, ramp up your Twitter followers (and who you follow).
  • Go back and look at how the candidates campaigned last year. Who was most effective? Who has a style most like yours? Talk to someone what campaigned last year. What did they like or not like? What worked and what didn’t?
  • Start campaigning now. You don’t have to announce it officially, but you can start to write and tweet about things related to PASS – ideas, complaints, even fence mending if needed.