PASS Summit 2013 Report #15

Slower day today, fewer notes!

  • Most of my morning spent on mentoring and some networking
  • Lunch today was Birds of a Feather, as always I really really like that, it drives a lot of great conversations
  • I sat at the Election/Governance table. Only one person joined while I was there, so that gave me time to talk to Kathy Blomstrom about blogging, press releases, public relations, and more.
  • Saw Niko again today and he was thrilled that I mentioned him in an earlier post!
  • Laughed some with Patrick LeBlanc – the two of us together is quite the event, filters tend to slip early and often. Invited him to SQLSaturday Orlando next year.
  • Posted notes on Board Q&A separately already
  • By 3 pm I was done, said some goodbyes and started the walk back to the Hampton to get by bag
  • Joe Webb going the same way, so we talked on the way, split up at the Hampton.
  • I’m getting in the taxi when Joe calls. He’s driving home, will drive me to the airport. Can’t beat that can you? Joe, you are invited to SQLSaturday Orlando too!
  • I’m through security in Charlotte and trying to finish up my notes for today, still have two interviews to finish, and if I get that done, will review the earlier posts, saw some fairly horrible typos.
  • Should be in Orlando by 8 pm. Less than 2 hours home, same time zone. Yes, that is good.
  • This has been, as expected, a very good week. Summit ran smoothly. Met a lot of new people and saw a lot of old friends, learned some stuff and can’t wait to get started on the session recordings.

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