PASS Summit 2013 Report #2

Weather a bit cloudy today, a little rain and a little cool – not Seattle, but not Orlando either! Breakfast at the Hampton reminded me that I should break out the waffle maker at home more often – pancakes always seems easier. Left the hotel mid morning with my kids to catch up with Allen Kinsel and then on to Not Just Coffee at the 7th Street Public Market. Not Just Coffee does ‘pour over’ coffee, hand pouring the water over the grounds, then serving it in a glass carafe along with a cup on a small bamboo serving tray. Not sure it tasted that much better than drip brewed, but it doesn’t cost much more and it tasted good enough! Allen had some kind of tea – ask him the flavor if you see him this week!

The Charlotte Lynx Light Rail runs next to the market so we went for a train ride, $4 for a an adult round trip. Seems to go out in the suburbs quite a ways, fast and smooth. Most interesting thing we saw was about 200 people standing outside of what looked like it used to be a Wal-mart, no idea why.

Lunch was Chipotle. Couple miles out from downtown but worth the drive for good iced tea!

Found a gas station to fill up the van. Family drives home tomorrow. I’ll miss them, but don’t want the kids to miss too much school and I won’t have much time for them later in the week.

Walked over to Buffalo Wild Wings to double check all is well for the networking dinner tonight. They’ve got the front dining area set aside and will grow beyond that if needed. We’re going to try to get people seated with people they don’t know, we’ll see how much chaos that causes tonight. if you’re in the Convention Center you can take the bridge across, elevator down, then outside and a right turn back into Buffalo Wild Wings.

Stopped writing this to talk with Chris Shaw. Wish we saw each other more than once a year!

Finishing this mid afternoon on Tuesday.

The networking event went really well. BWW is just about the perfect venue. Open seating that allowed people to move around. We had over 200 register and I think we had about that many people there. I was there at 5:30 pm and finally left about 10:30 pm. I had some amazing conversations – such a great group of people to spend time with. It is very hard to describe how interesting it can be to just put an interesting mix of people in the same place for a few hours.