Share Your Ideas for Improving PASS on September 9th (Suggestion Tsunami!)

My friend Aaron Nelson was in Florida recently for SQLSaturday #231 and we always find a few minutes to catch up. We talk about how we’re doing in life and how we think things are going in the world of PASS and the SQL Server community. If you’ve never met Aaron (you should!) he exudes enthusiasm for doing more and doing better when it comes to community events. Get the two of us together and it soon turns into a mini-storm of comments and ideas. Some practical, most probably not, but both of us know from experience that we need that back and forth to sort out the ones worth doing, and we know that just the back and forth discussion often spurs new thoughts.

Of course, Aaron and I aren’t the only ones with ideas – that was one of things we talked about. Like us, many of you have ideas that you think of and then forget, or don’t have time to chase down, or maybe just aren’t a good fit for your group right then. Those ideas might be just the thing someone else is looking for (even if they don’t know it).  Why not see if we could do something simple to promote idea generation and sharing once a year?

Which brings us to the fun if cheesy Suggestion Tsunami part of the post. On September 9th Aaron and I are going to each post on our respective blogs with that title sharing some ideas about making PASS and the SQL community better – and we’re hoping you will too. Big ideas, little ideas, impractical (maybe) ideas, all are welcome. To twist the Jeopardy line a bit, you must phrase your post in the form of a suggestion!

Don’t have a blog? Send your idea to me or Aaron or any other SQL blogger and ask them to share it on your behalf on September 9th.

We’ll gather up a list of all the posts (we know there will be at least two!) and send out a consolidated list of them. Bloggers can then update their own posts with links to the other posts if they wish.

Not complicated. Just a day devoted to sharing ideas. Hard to think there won’t be at least one good idea published and used, experience suggests it will be more than one. We hope you’ll give it a try.