How About a PASS Holiday Ornament?

One of the simpler pleasures in life is having an idea and putting it up for discussion. Not all ideas are good, but good ones are made better by discussion. Will this one be good? We shall see!

This post was inspired by two separate events. The first was a friend in my SQLFamily sent me an ornament, something from his family to mine that now hangs on my tree along with a lot of other memories. The other was I read about the White House Historical Association producing an annual ornament – this year its President Taft in an automobile (a big deal at the time).

So why not have PASS produce an ornament each year? We’d have no shortage of volunteers to submit ideas and shape the design each year. There are some logistics involved, which I think makes it an ideal project for PASS to support. It’s something that could be designed in July and August and sold at a kiosk at the Summit (and internet sales too of course).

It’s not fully baked, and certainly needs a more detailed vision, but I think it’s a enough to ask the question – is it a good idea? Comment here, write your own post, or drop an email to PASS if you agree.

3 thoughts on “How About a PASS Holiday Ornament?

  1. I too have an ornament sent from a member of my SQLFamily. Mine is standing on the tv credenza in front of a Santa statue and next to a cinnamon scented candle.

    I think an annual PASS sponsored/generated ornament it”s a great idea!


  2. Great idea! I would love a SQL PASS ornament, or even a SQLFamily ornament.

    I would be happy to help design it too. You could also put it out as a competition each year like Cal Poly does for their Rose Parade float.


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