Notes from My 24 Hours of PASS Presentation

Quick notes:

  • Because it was scheduled for 7 am local I decided to do it from home. Good plan, except it meant the kids had to be out the door on time so I’d have quiet. Just barely got that done with more than the usual ruckus. Not the best for getting to the zen presentation state.
  • We used IBTalk instead of Livemeeting this time, I think to overcome attendee limits in LM. It’s Flash based, seems nice. I was able to upload my slides in advance and since I didn’t need to share my screen for demos, everything was already server side – no chance of delays due my connection.
  • As a presenter I was instructed to dial-in rather than use PC audio/microphone. In a lot of ways that works good, can use bluetooth and regular cell phone, but of course today there was some crackling, don’t know if it was me, location, etc. Luckily wasn’t horrible.
  • IBTalk has a question panel, it wasn’t until the end I found out you can click to see the whole question, I thought they were just being truncated (because most showed up fine – the ones that fit on the one line of display!)
  • I think about 30 attendees. Don’t know if that is good for 7am or not,seems low,  maybe due to it not being a technical topic.

I had a good time, seemed like it went smoothly, and will have a couple follow up posts on some questions that came up.