Update on My Lenovo Laptop

Order status on the web site still shows an estimated ship date of the 4th (of September) for my X1 Carbon. Called again today and the story is that it’s supposed to ship on the 17th, but the Ethernet dongle – which previously was forever tied to the laptop – now will be shipped separately in October. Asked why the web site didn’t show the new ship date, he replied that he would let the team know the web site wasn’t correct, then said that it might ship “much much” earlier than the 17th. Given today is the 14th I’m not sure what that means.

If you happen to know how to make USB to ethernet dongles I suggest you call Lenovo – they surely need a vendor!

I think the customer service people just tell what they know, which isn’t much. It feels like a total process failure. I’m betting screens or SSD’s or whatever just fell through and they just don’t have a way to run an update query to push the ship dates out two weeks (or more).

I still say I can live with stuff going wrong. They can’t guarantee every part of the supply chain. I can even live with having an ERP system that isn’t very flexible. Maybe I can understand not wanting to put it out publicly that there is an issue less all planned orders evaporate. But I truly do not understand not prepping the agents on the phone to handle, coddle and soothe the customers who want to understand what is wrong and have some confidence that it’s been resolved.

What would you do if you were running Lenovo?