Certificates of Completion for SQL Seminars

Most managers and employers distinguish between attending a conference and training. We (the royal SQL community we) offer quite a few one day seminars during the year that clearly fit that simple definition of training, but I don’t think we’re closing the loop. We should be giving them/sending them a nice printed certificate of completion, something that validates the effort and the spend.

It’s simple to do, which isn’t to say it doesn’t take some effort. Seems to me to be a great place to leverage our investment in full time staff.

It’s not a big leap to think about assigning some number of PASS certified continuing education units/credits. Why aren’t we doing that?

2 thoughts on “Certificates of Completion for SQL Seminars

  1. Hi Andy, You make a very good point and i think that it may be a nice touch to distribute some kind of certificate as well, although if anything at all I would personally prefer to receive something electronically rather than printed. I do already list notable conferences/seminars on my CV under training (or under Courses on LinkedIn) because you do (can) learn an awful lot from these events and would challenge any manager of mine than suggested that one of these type of events was anything other than training 🙂


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