PASS Is Hiring Another Evangelist–Could It Be You?

Just about a year ago PASS hired Karla Landrum to fill the vacancy of the Community Evangelist and that marked in my view a sea change for the organization – it was the first time we had someone in that role that was passionate about community and was part of the community. Combining those two things can and does lead to magic. Whether you’re trying to get a chapter off the ground or a first time SQLSaturday, both benefit from a lot of coaching from someone who has walked the walk.

It’s been amazing to see what might seem like a small difference can make in PASS and how PASS is perceived, especially internationally. That success lead to a problem though, a good one – there is more to do than Karla has time to do. All that coaching, question answering, relationship building, and traveling takes time, a lot of it. I thought a year ago we would need a second one and we do – so now we need to hire another great person. I can’t think of a better investment PASS could make (and I’ll say now that in a year we’ll need a third person to do more internationally).

Are you the right person? I’m hoping as you read this that you won’t automatically say no, that you’ll stop and think about it. Do you burn with passion about our particular community? Do you bring some interesting skills and attributes with you that would help PASS grow the community further, faster, deeper? Certainly look at Karla as the model for the position and the type of work, but there is only one Karla – how would you do it? Don’t make the mistake of thinking someone else is better than you are. If you’re interested,apply!

Maybe it’s not your thing,or you’re not ready to move. If so, that’s ok. There is still a way you can help. Go right now and browse your contacts in LinkedIn. Think about those people, is there one there that has the talent, the potential? If so, drop them a note with the link, tell them to consider applying. Let’s get the best person we can find, one that will double what PASS can do at the grassroots level, maybe even someone that will challenge Karla to step up her game!