Link List for July 12, 2012

Here are a few things I’ve found/had sent to me recently you may find interesting:

  • Most Common GRE Words. 400 words in multiple choice format, care to test your vocabulary? Good stuff when you’ve got a few minutes to kill!
  • What the Shuttle Booster Saw. HD video from the Space Shuttle, fun to watch, fun to watch the speed increase.
  • Studies and Writing Rooms. Interesting to see work spaces, scroll down to see the ‘writing hut’ of Roald Dahl (of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame). I look at that and think that’s not dumb, maybe I need one of those at home.
  • Scrum Alliance Vision. Education. Community. Advocacy. Not a bad vision. How does it stack up to Connect, Learn, Share? Same stuff?