Link List for July 12, 2012

Here are a few things I’ve found/had sent to me recently you may find interesting: Most Common GRE Words. 400 words in multiple choice format, care to test your vocabulary? Good stuff when you’ve got a few minutes to kill! What the Shuttle Booster Saw. HD video from the Space Shuttle, fun to watch, fun […]

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Lists of Words You May Not Know

The Merriam-Webster site has an interesting list of Top 10 Lists, ranging from commonly confused words to things you didn’t know have names. It’s an interesting way to spend a few minutes. Want to grow more than that? Sign up for the Word of the Day, they offer email, RSS, even Twitter as an […]

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The Breakfast Plan Goes Awry

Here’s the editorial for SSC today and while it’s a humorous story about asking for donuts and getting a free breakfast for everyone, it’s also a cautionary tale for those trying to do good as managers, and even for employees submitting suggestions. Looking back, I still think it was a fair suggestion in response to […]

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