On Break

I’m at Orlando International as I write this, about to fly to Parsippany for meetings today and tomorrow, then back home Friday afternoon. The meetings themselves will be useful if not exciting, the real value will be in building and renewing connections – they help get useful work done long past the meetings.

Saturday morning I’ll be back here at OIA, this time with my family, as we fly to DC for a 7 day vacation. I’ve only been to DC once before for a day, so I’m looking forward to the trip as much as my kids are, the chance to see the sites and sights and bask a bit in being an American. We won’t see it all, but we’ll see some, including the White House tour, where I’m sure I’ll have to explain to my daughter again that the President won’t be coming out to say hello!

Lots to write about when I return – more on SQLRally, book clubs,recharging,career decisions, non profits, and more.