On Break

I’m at Orlando International as I write this, about to fly to Parsippany for meetings today and tomorrow, then back home Friday afternoon. The meetings themselves will be useful if not exciting, the real value will be in building and renewing connections – they help get useful work done long past the meetings. Saturday morning […]

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PASS Update #52 (ERC)

We’re doing weekly calls for the ERC (election review committee) and we seem to be making some progress. This past week we came up with a good outline of what we hope to see as the process for selecting the nomcom (look for a post from Bill Graziano for details), and you can from that […]

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Voting Theory

I was enjoyed the Sunday newspaper (on Sunday!) and ran across this column about various voting systems and that made me curious enough to dig a little more, starting with this article. There is a definite distinction between the system (often based on a math proof) and the implementation of the actual voting. Makes sense […]

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