PASS Update #67 (Election)

Today the slate of candidates for the 2012-2013 term was announced; Adam Jorgensen, Denise McInerney, Geoff Hiten, Kendal Van Dyke, Rob Farley, and Sri Sridharan. We’ve got six candidates to fill three seats (two additional seats will be filled by appointment next year to fill the vacancies created due to Mark Ginnebaugh and I leaving the Board early).

Before I continue, I want to say thank you to the volunteers of the nomination committee that spent a lot of time vetting the nominees this year; Wayne Snyder (Chair), Thomas LaRock, Bradley Ball, Jack Corbett, and Roy Ernest.

As we’ve done for the last couple years we’ve got Election HQ set up, a place for you to see what the candidates have to say and to ask them questions so you can compare and contrast. It’s worth checking the site at least once before you vote,and for those of you who have the time,I hope you’ll post good (and fair) questions to help us all understand their view points.

I debated writing some about the attributes I think are important in candidates, but decided that really those only matter to me – you get to decide what you care about and try to find the candidates that reflects your views or values or goals.

I wrote letters of recommendations for two of the candidates, Sri and Kendal, because I think a lot of them, and because they asked. I know all of the candidates to some degree, and think well of all of them – no bad apples in this lot.  It won’t be easy to decide which three get my vote.

To the candidates, I hope you’ll tell us what you really think. I hope you’ll show us that you dream of doing things that benefit the community in ways large and small. I hope you’ll talk about your commitment to transparency and communication. I hope you’ll look at where we’ve been and talk about where we need to go. I hope you’ll learn and grow from the experience whether you get elected or not. Good luck to you all!