Seeking Volunteers for the Nomination Committee

We have a few changes in the election process for PASS this year, one of them is that we have a mini-election to seat the member portion of the NomCom. It’s a critical role, the NomCom applies the guidance from the Board to the interview process and in the end, they select the slate of candidates that will be voted on by the general membership.

In the past the NomCom members have been selected by the NomCom chair. That hasn’t been a bad process, but we wanted to make it more transparent, and to have less of an appearance of it being an “all Board” committee. In the new design there will be more members than Board members.

The one requirement is that these members have to have a track record with PASS, they have to have been engaged with us. There’s a simple reason for this, we want people who understand what PASS is, and perhaps what PASS should be. It’s a pretty big pool of candidates, but it’s not our entire membership list.

That’s the design. I think it’s a step towards trying to better.

Now we need people to participate. It’s a great way to give back, a great way to shape the future of PASS. It is a lot of work. It’s reviewing all the applications and then phone interviewing the candidates as part of a panel.

Here’s the link, go read the details.