Notes from SQLRally Orlando

Tuesday afternoon started with me being an unexpected behind schedule, and then another interruption or two, but by 4:30 pm back on track for the meet and greet at Johnnies Hideaway. Probably 30-35 attendees, not bad for early on day zero, and we sat on the deck/patio until about 7:30 before going in to have a quiet and deliberate dinner, then some post dinner conversation with some of the other PASS Board members until almost midnight.

Today I was downstairs just after 6 am and Craig & Anika from PASS HQ had things moving already, getting the registration desk set up, signage, and all the rest. I roved and monitored for the first couple hours but it went very very smoothly, no problems at all that I saw.

At 8:30 I left to attend the Board meeting, and that kept me busy until about noon when I came back to the event area to wander and ask how things were going. Everyone seemed happy and/or content. Lunch went smoothly, lots of people taking their box lunch outside to enjoy some sun. Nice relaxed feel to it,people lingering over lunch.

Back to the Board meeting until 5:30 pm or a bit later,then off to Buffalo Wild Wings with Neil Buchwalter, big crowd already there, probably 60 plus when we arrived, and I think by 7:30 was 100+. Lots of people to talk to, very very good time. It was so good that part 2 of the plan for the evening – miniature golf – just didn’t work out, everyone having too good a time at BWW!

During all of the fun Aaron Nelson brought a tremendous gift, SQLRally stickers. Kendal, Jack, and I had fun giving them out, and more to giveaway tomorrow. Big thanks to Aaron!

I called it a day about 10 pm, now relaxing and reflecting on the day. About the only thing that we got “wrong” so far was not letting attendees know that there would be no breakfast provided. Those that have been to a SQLSaturday (most I’d bet) are used to doughnuts and coffee and stuff, and it’s not so much that it had to be there, just that when it wasn’t the options in the hotel for breakfast weren’t the cheapest options. Lesson learned is about the best we can say on that.

I’ll write up notes on the Board meeting separately and get published next week. Tomorrow we meet again for about half a day, then I can – finally – spend time doing the fun part, meeting people and learning a few new things.