Join Me

Screen sharing type collaboration is a common need. Mostly I use LiveMeeting, but it does require the other person to install the LM software and then you send the invitation. I was looking for something easier to install/set up, and ran across Join.Me from Logmein. It works on PC’s, iPhone, and Android, and it’s a dream to set up. No registration, just start a session.

The free version doesn’t have the bells and whistles of LiveMeeting (they do have a Pro version that comes closer), but it’s, well, free. Take a look, you might find it useful here and there.

One thought on “Join Me

  1. is brilliant. It”s perfect for when I have to support friends & family & I just want to use a quick & dirty way to see their screen. I used to use ShowMyPC, but this is much quicker & easier.


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