Thinking on Culture

Over the past few years I’ve grown to believe that few things have a greater impact on the success of a business than it’s culture. I’ve seen good cultures and bad, cultures that were hyper-reactive and some that were deliberate, some that were people friendly and some that were not, and all kinds of variations in between.

Culture isn’t as easy as saying “we will be this”. Sometimes it starts with that, but there’s more to it. Culture is something perceived by individuals. As a consultant I have a different view of the culture than the employees. Managers may think they’ve set one culture when the team really sees it as something else.

Culture is defined by what you do. Walking the walk versus talking the talk.

Think your culture is healthy? Write down what you think it is, then do an anonymous survey of your team to see if they agree. You might be surprised at how many different ways things can be perceived, and realize how hard it is to build a culture without building a cult.

One thought on “Thinking on Culture

  1. We”ve discussed this a few times and it is always an interesting subject. I have some questions:

    Does management make the culture or do the employees?
    How much influence can an average employee have on a company”s culture?


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