A Plug for Wirefly

Wirefly is a website devoted to purchasing cell phones and plans. I found it when I was researching my Droid X, and you know how it is – should I trust a web site to deliver my phone? At the time the difference in cost was substantial, $99 via Wirefly which included 2 day Fedex, or $299 in the store. Decided to try it, worked fine, very smooth.

I didn’t think much more about it until a friend was discussing his plans to upgrade his whole family to new phones and the prices he has found so far. I mentioned Wirefly in passing, he checked it out and decided to go with it, ended up saving a couple hundred dollars on the package.

Anyway, if you decide to purchase a new phone it’s at least worth a look, if you can live without the immediate gratification of buying it in the store!

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