Watson Plays Jeopardy

I watched the documentary on Nova about the IBM project to build Watson, a computer that could play Jeopardy. The technical bits are interesting, maybe even staggering in some ways, especially when you consider it’s all to do what a single human can do! It ran without being connected to the internet during the game, […]

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A Plug for Wirefly

Wirefly is a website devoted to purchasing cell phones and plans. I found it when I was researching my Droid X, and you know how it is – should I trust a web site to deliver my phone? At the time the difference in cost was substantial, $99 via Wirefly which included 2 day Fedex, […]

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Android Adventures–Part 2

I’ve been living with my Droid X phone for a couple weeks now. It’s definitely a big change from my Blackberry. As I think about what to you tell about it, it’s hard to separate the phone from the software from the usefulness, but I’ll try to share thoughts on all. The phone itself seems […]

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Android Adventures–Part 1

I’ve used a Blackberry for the better part of 10 years, loyalty built because as a phone and an emailing tool it works and works well. Good design, great phone, great battery life. As a smart phone where it fails is the browser experience, the display is just too small, requiring zooming in and out […]

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