Lunch Story #3–No Free Sandwiches

This time the plan was to go to Arby’s because it was close and my friend Rob had coupons for buy one get one. Four of us go, we get there and then do the coupon dance, who wants chicken, who wants roast beef? Finally two of us decide on the chicken sandwich, but to get fries and iced tea seems complicated for them, they say it will work if we do it as a side. Ok, fine. I pay, my coupon partner gives me $5 cash for his, we stand to wait on the food.

While I was waiting I noticed in the kitchen a bucket labeled ‘Dirty Towels’. Not a hand written or stick-on type thing, it looked like they ordered a Dirty Towel bucket. Probably not dumb, but reminded me of the Bat Cave labeling system.

Person number three orders, then #4, and I missed the coupon fun if any that happened there. Then person #3 gets their food, then #4, while we wait – seems they had to cook the chicken first. Finally the food comes, the chicken is ok if not great, and so goes lunch.

We were talking about this and that at lunch, it’s only on the way back that it strikes me – we didn’t save any money. The total was $11.74, but we didn’t have the detail receipt. Still, I’m pretty sure the combo was around $5.50-$6, so either they rang it up wrong after all that, or the way they did it just ended up costing the same.

Free sandwich? Not this time!