Another Lunch Story

Lately I’ve been having some unusual lunches, starting with the bbq fiasco from last week. For this one I have no one to blame but myself! This time I was working out of my office and remoting to a client, lots of stuff going on and the time flying by. The weather here has been fairly cold lately and it had warmed some, but I was still undecided about going out. Finally about 11:30 decided to hit Chipotle, grabbed a book (Shop Class as Soulcraft) and left.

I got there a little later than usual and there was a line, and I don’t know what triggered it, but I reached for my wallet – which I didn’t have. Startled, and mildly irritated, I think I must have left it at home, I’d been up and out of the house at 6 am. Home is only a couple miles away, so  I drive home and go in, no wallet. Check the other spot where it might be, nope. Then I stop to think. Finally. Realize that to get in to the office I had to have had my wallet, because it has the scan card, which means the wallet is at the office.

Now I’ve progressed from irritated to disgusted to bemused. Too immersed in work, not enough focus on life. Back to the office, wallet is right at my desk where I left it. Of course by now I’ve burned half of what would have been a pleasant hour reading, so I just write it off as not meant to be and go back to work.

Some days a quiet lunch is just not meant to be!

2 thoughts on “Another Lunch Story

  1. “Too immersed in work, not enough focus on life”….so you skip lunch and go back to work? Not sure you passed the test, grasshopper…


  2. Jon, you might be right on that. I didn’t have the luxury that particular day of stretching lunch, and I just didn’t want junk food either. Still, you’re right, skipping lunch not smart!


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