SQLSaturday RoundTable at the PASS Summit

We’ve made great progress with SQLSaturday this year; reaching new cities, a successful handoff to PASS, and a lot of enthusiasm going into 2011. So where do we go next? PASS HQ was about to find meeting space for 100 people on Monday, Nov 8th, so that we can sit for two hours to discuss ideas. Don’t expect a slide deck, this is going to be a discussion about what we can do better at any level to make it a better experience for attendees and organizers.

If you’re attending the Summit and interested in joining the discussion, then register – details below, use password “wyoming”. Why Wyoming? Because we haven’t had a SQLSaturday there yet (along with a few other places) and we need to figure out how to make that happen.

2 thoughts on “SQLSaturday RoundTable at the PASS Summit

  1. Andy,

    If we can get a SQLSaturday in West Virginia I am sure we can pull one off in Wyoming. I would love to attend but I already made travel plans and will arrive at 3pm on Monday.

    Could I forward you some questions that I would love to throw into the discussion?



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