SQLSaturday Event Leaders – Reserve Your Date for H1 2011

We’ll try to push this out through multiple channels, we’re trying to forecast dates to give those thinking about events (but not yet committed) visibility into which areas/dates are already committed. We won’t set up the event until you submit the formal event request, this is only to reserve the date. We’re also using this to try to make sure we have sponsor funds available for as many events as possible through the end of the PASS fiscal year (June 30, 2011). Send a note to Sanj at PASS HQ, or just post a comment here and I’ll follow up with you.

4 thoughts on “SQLSaturday Event Leaders – Reserve Your Date for H1 2011

  1. Andy,
    if you could follow uup with me next week. I am trying to get some things together here prior to for Indianapolis for having one in 2011….



  2. I know Chicago wants to do another late winter/early spring event, but we haven’t picked a date yet. Anywhere from end of Feb-end of April for us.


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