Reminder: Introduction to Statistics Presentation Today at Noon

I’ll be doing a presentation titled Introduction to Statistics in SQL Server today (Sep 7, 2010) at noon for the PASS Virtual Chapter. It’s designed to teach the vocabulary and concepts and open the door to some of the more complex cases that we sometimes hit with statistics. I’ve done this one a few times, but it will be my first time doing it on Live Meeting. LM is harder, at least for me, without the feedback to see how the audience is doing, much closer to a lecture. I’ll be sticking to the slides for the most part – at a live presentation if someone asks a question and I need to go ‘off the map’ for a minute it’s easy to control, on LM I find that just tends to confuse people!

Anyway, I hope you’ll attend, here is the meeting link. I’ll post the slide deck here on the blog after the presentation and if all goes well, the VC will have a recording of it online later in the day.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Introduction to Statistics Presentation Today at Noon

  1. Andy, this was a great presentation. I’m hoping that you’ll post the slide deck to your blog so we can use some of those links from the Resource slide you provided.
    Thanks for taking the time to put this together!


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