More Notes on Live Meeting Presentations

Yesterday I did another presentation via Live Meeting, some thoughts from that effort:

  • Perf VC team did a great job making sure we had everything lined up prior to the event. This may seem like a little thing, but it’s nice to have it pushed to me instead of having to figure it out.
  • Erin had music playing so that everyone could verify audio, was nice that I could verify as well early on (connected early to make sure)
  • Nice to have some introduce you, they can use more superlatives than you can use yourself, and it does add credibility going into the presentation
  • I uploaded my deck instead of sharing it, and I relied on embedded screen shots. Works well enough for a general presentation strategy, hoping it turned out to be a smoother experience for the attendees. If you try this, allow about 5 minutes for it to upload the deck, and page up/down don’t seem to work on the slides unless you go to full screen mode. There are up/down arrows on the bottom/left corner of LM to let you navigate.
  • I also right clicked my name on the attendee list and checked the boxes to share my contact info, don’t know if it helped
  • Little things matter; at the end of the introduction Erin verified I was there and that she could hear me, making sure any problems were resolved right then
  • Maybe it’s still being new at virtual presentations, but I think it’s harder to visualize questions. Doesn’t make sense, but seems that way! I wish we could get the question added to the deck in mid-stream, or at least on screen in a big font, good for me and attendees.
  • Still that feeling of being disconnected from the attendees, nature of the media, but it makes it harder, I think tends to drive monotone, in person I think you can tell when to push a little more, be a little louder.

Definitely need more practice.

3 thoughts on “More Notes on Live Meeting Presentations

  1. Good presentation and good comments. You may think you need more practice, etc. but from my perspective as an attendee your presentation came of quite polished. Your knowledge of the subject was definitely evident. Cheers!


  2. Andy-

    These additional notes are great, thank you for sharing your perspective. It will help us to improve the process. I understand about visualizing the questions, as I was asking I was trying to frame them better, which might have made it worse!

    Todd was spot on with his comments, you did a great job, and as I’ve thought it about more, it was nice to have a very in-depth session on a topic that’s often mentioned, but the details are not always discussed. Thanks again for presenting!



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