Reminder – Final Day for Speaker Abstracts for SQLSaturday #49!

You can still submit abstracts through midnight tonight for SQLSaturday #49 in Orlando on October 16, 2010. Great time of year to visit Florida, and it looks like we’ll have a great variety of speakers again this year. Here’s the list of submitted sessions so far:


Title Speaker
A Broad look at securing your organization Tim Beamer
A Developer Guide to Execution Plans Steve Simon
A Test Abstract Andy Warren
Advanced TSQL Solutions Kevin Boles
An Introductory Look at Execution Plans Eric Wisdahl
As a DBA, Where Do I Start?! Mike Walsh
Automate Login Administration & Compliance Reports Ronald Dameron
Automating Routine Maintenance Ken Simmons
Beautiful events always recur Steve Simon
BI Pivot Tables & Charts, Not a 1 Tool Exercise Michael Antonovich
Building a Comprehensive Professional Development Andy Warren
Change Data Capture a tool for BI,DR,Audit & more Jose Chinchilla
Choosing Indexes For Performance Jeff Garbus
Collecting and Analyzing File & Wait Statistics Kevin Boles
Common SQL Programming Mistakes Plamen Ratchev
Configuration Domination: Taking Control of SQL Ken Simmons
Data Access Layers: A Cornucopia Steve Simon
Data Access Layers: A Cornucopia Pt 2 Steve Simon
Data Access Layers: A Cornucopia Pt 3 Steve Simon
Data Encryption and Key Management in SQL Said Salomon
Data Mining.. Making $mart financial decisions Steve Simon
Data Warehousing with SQL Server 2008 Wes Dumey
Database Design Fundamentals Louis Davidson
Database Design Patterns Louis Davidson
DBA Script Thumb 2010 Rodney Landrum
Designing a highly available SQL Environment Tim Beamer
Developing Applications with SQL Azure Scott Klein
Don’t Be Trigger Happy: Safe Use of Triggers Jack Corbett
Enforcing Compliance With Policy-Based Management Ken Simmons
ETL with PowerShell Chad Miller
Everything you wanted to know about IDENTITY colum Jonathon Moorman
Getting familiar with Query Optimizer Dmitri Korotkevitch
Getting familiar with SQL Server Storage Engine Dmitri Korotkevitch
Handling data anomalies with Data Profiling Tasks. Steve Simon
Indexing for Join Optimization Jeff Garbus
Introduction to Analysis Services Devin Knight
Introduction to Data Warehousing Devin Knight
Introduction to Execution Plans Nathan Heaivilin
Introduction to SQL Server Statistics Andy Warren
Introduction to the Sql Server Profiler Jonathon Moorman
Introduction to Transactional Replication Troy Gallant
ITIL V3 for the Database Administrator Timothy McAliley
Learning SSIS under 1 hour Jose Chinchilla
Locking and Blocking for Developers Dmitri Korotkevitch
Log Shipping vs. Replication; the Great Debate Troy Gallant
Making SQL Server and WPF work for you!! Steve Simon
Managing Database Schemas With VS201 DB projects Rafael Salas
Multi-Server Management with SQL Server 2008+ Argenis Fernandez
Optimize Resources with MAP Kathi Kellenberger
Parts of Facebook: Cassandra and MapReduce Patrick Thompson
Planning your ETL architecture with SSIS Rafael Salas
Policy-Based Management in a Nutshell Jorge Segarra
PowerShell 2.0 Beyond the Dirty Dozen Aaron Nelson
Profiling: It’s Okay in SQL Server Jack Corbett
R2 Reporting Services, The New Stuff Mike Davis
Refactoring SQL for Performance Plamen Ratchev
Response Time Analysis of SQL Server Performance Dean Richards
Revive your code Dmitri Korotkevitch
Securing your Data Warehouse Michael Mollenhour
Social and Not so Social Networking for the DBA Andy Warren
Spatial Queries in SQL 2008 Michael Stark
SQL and SEO – Making Money with SQL Server Jared Nielsen
SQL Backups & Recovery Brandie Tarvin
SQL Security – The Basics Brandie Tarvin
SQL Server Memory Deep Dive Kevin Boles
SQL Server Partitioning from A to Z Kevin Boles
SQL University 101: Starting the SQL Journey Jorge


SQL University 201: Managing a SQL Server pt 2 Jorge Segarra
SSIS – Data Flow Buffer Breakdown Eric Wisdahl
SSIS 2008 – Profiling Your Data Eric Wisdahl
SSIS Configurations, Expressions and Constraints Eric Wisdahl
The Art of Indexing Ken Simmons
The Dirty Dozen: 12 ways to write poor queries Steve Simon
The Dirty Dozen: PowerShell Scripts for Busy DBAs Aaron Nelson
The Nitty Gritty of Database Backups Brandie Tarvin
Using Parameters in SQL Server Reporting Service Mike Davis
Using PowerShell with SQL Server Agent Maximo Trinidad
Using Sql to Generate Sql (pt1) Jonathon Moorman
Using Sql to Generate Sql (pt2) Jonathon Moorman
What’s New with Reporting Services? Kathi Kellenberger
Working with SQL Server – SQLPS Maximo Trinidad
XML 101 for the SQL Developer Michael Antonovich
XML 201 for the SQL Developer Michael Antonovich
You Can Improve Your Own SQL Code Mike Walsh
Zen and the Art of Writing SQL Query – Part 1 Plamen Ratchev
Zen and the Art of Writing SQL Query – Part 2 Plamen Ratchev