PASS Update #37 (Elections and Re-Election)

We’ve got 6 days left before the call for nominations for the 2010 PASS election closes and I want to make a last push to try to encourage more of you to participate. Jeremiah and Joe  both have some great points about the benefits and I probably can’t top them, so I’ll just ask you to do one thing as a member of the SQL community:

Email the links above to someone that you think would be a good Board member, tell them why you think so. No sales pitch, no coaxing, just tell them that you believe in them.

What about me, will I run for re-election?

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into PASS, sometimes in places that mattered, sometimes in places that didn’t. Learned some good lessons, learned – again – that culture change is hard, seen PASS grow in some respects, not in others. It has at times been very frustrating.

As I’ve considered the decision, I’ve tried to be measured, taking time to discuss it with many trusted friends. Took a while to sort through it, and that was worth doing.

There’s still stuff I want to do and change, so I’m going to run again. I’ll be changing my approach a little, focusing hard on transparency, strategy, governance, and I’ve got to manage my time investment better. Maybe not 2 hours a week, but not 5-10 either. If I’m re-elected I’ll hand over the reins of oPASS and SQLSaturday Orlando to Jack Corbett, still helping out by not owning them.

I’ll write more in the next few weeks about some lessons learned and the goals I’ll going to set.

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  1. Andy – don’t know that thanks is the right thing to say, but thanks, that’s a really nice thing to say.


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